How’d You Like To Spend A Few Hours Tonight Researching Your Insurance Coverage Options?
Huh. That’s interesting–almost everybody we know says the same thing. (We won’t print it.)

The fact is there are very few people in this world who like to think about insurance. We just happen to be some of them. That’s why we started Options Insurance–to offer the kind of thorough, level-headed, individually-focused thinking about insurance that you’d do for yourself, if you were into that kind of thing.

What we DON’T do is tell you what to buy, sell you what you don’t need, or push any particular product. As an independent agent, we represent you—not a carrier. That means we can choose from the products of a large number of leading insurance companies to find the Options that are right for you. We are objective advisors, with just one goal—to give you the best coverage for your needs at the best possible price.

Options offers a full range of insurance coverage, including homeowners, renters, auto and vehicle, health, life and business insurance. Serving individuals, families and businesses in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Missouri, we’re here to help you find the insurance Options that are perfect for you. No hassle, no headaches.

Hey‚ we’re glad to help.
It’s our idea of a good time.


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