Job Listings

GREETINGS go-getters, risk-takers, opportunity seekers and die-hard do-gooders.
We’re looking for people like you.

Options is growing fast (thanks a million, customers, you’re amazing!) Because of that, we’re on a search for people to join our team as producers. But not just anyone.

You know your mom and dad’s insurance agent—the stuffy one in the sleepy office with the three-ring binder and vaguely judgmental attitude? That’s not who we’re looking for.

The Options producer we want is someone who’s ambitious, hardworking, authentic and kind, with a bit of crazy thrown in.

Crazy because you won’t make any money to start. Not gonna lie. You’ll work on commission, and that income takes time to build.

But what happens—and we know this from experience—is that your income grows and picks up momentum, like a snowball rolling downhill. And that snowball can get as big as you want it to (results are based on individual effort).

You’ve gotta think and act like an entrepreneur. You’ll be your own boss, set your own hours, build your own book of business. And you’ll build something else—a community of interesting people whose backs you’ve got and whose gratitude and loyalty you’ve earned by helping them take care of important things in their lives.

Intrigued? Excited? Scared?

Cool. Let’s talk.