“Options helped me find affordable insurance for my new communications business, and also helped me save $100/month on home and auto … resulting in plans that actually provide MORE coverage than my previous carriers. I have been very happy with Sarah’s responsive, honest and friendly service, and her ability to make the complex world of insurance easier to navigate and understand.

– Scott M.

“We love that Options explains all the grown up insurance crap to us so we don’t have to figure it out!

– Sarah K

We were behind the 8-ball; looking at the loss of a nice project because we could not get a very specific type of coverage in time to do the work. While I was stuck on a plane, Sarah took the initiative to call and negotiate with the client and nudging an underwriter to help. We got the coverage in time, our client was impressed and we’re very glad to recommend Options to other businesses and individuals.”

– Daniel L, small business owner

“As a first-time independent health insurance purchaser, I was bracing myself for a complicated, drawn-out process. Happily, working with Options Insurance proved to be just the opposite experience. Once I told the broker what kinds of things I was looking for in insurance, she did the work of sorting through the different plans and pointing out considerations that I hadn’t thought of yet. My agent responded to my emails and phone calls very quickly throughout the whole process.
After I applied for my selected insurance plan, she followed up to make sure that
I was all set. I enjoyed working with Options.”

– Bridget N-M

Awesome experience with Options for both my individual health insurance and car insurance. Very knowledgeable and willing to talk you through your ‘options.’ Every time I’ve had a question my agent responded quickly and has been extremely courteous. Also, getting a cheaper auto insurance rate WITH better coverage than before doesn’t hurt either! Highly recommend this company!”

– Robert G.

“Sarah worked with us to make sure we not only got a great rate, but the right insurance coverage as well. She answered all our questions and made sure we understood what we were getting with each choice she presented.”

– Lisa & Ben

“As a working professional, I have a lot on my plate. When my agent brought me not one, but THREE choices, I knew she’d done the competitive shopping for me, saving me precious time and money. We reviewed some of the differences between the policies before I chose the one that I thought best fit my lifestyle. I truly felt as though the whole experience was customized to my wants and needs.”

– H. Erickson

“Options was by far the best of the three experiences I had when shopping for insurance for our Software as a Service. Options offered me more than one selection, helped me with paperwork, kept me updated throughout the process, and (best of all) came up with the most coverage for the price. I highly recommend Options to any digital or creative company needing business insurance.”

– L. Foote, CEO, MixMobi

Thank you so much for going over the top to look into the mortgage lender/insurance issue we had. You have true dedication in your work and we appreciate all the hard work, updates and direction you have given us through the past few years. We would honestly be lost and pretty hopeless with dealing with some of these situations we’ve been in!
Thank you so much!!”

– Derek & Emily W.

“We went looking simply for better rates; it never occurred to us that we were underinsured for our needs. Options pulled it all together for us with exceptional industry knowledge, patient attention to detail, and a refreshing commitment to customer service.

– M & P Berger

“As a mortgage loan officer, I have frequent opportunities to recommend an insurance agent for home owner’s coverage. I have several insurance agents in my referral network, but Sarah is the one I got to first. She is extremely thorough, professional and knowledgeable about her products. She’s never pushy and always respects a customer’s individual needs by searching for the best policy at the best price. I would highly recommend Sarah as a first-choice agent for any kind of insurance.”

– Julie K, Mortgage Loan Officer